Town of Fairhaven, MA
Conservation Commission What We Do
The purpose of the Conservation Commission is to protect Fairhaven's wetland resource areas in accordance with the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (MGL Ch. 131, Section 40)and its Regulations (310 CMR 10.00) and the Fairhaven Wetlands Bylaw and supporting regulations.

The protected resource areas include rivers, streams, brooks, ponds, wetlands, banks and the floodplains. Protection extends 100 feet from the edge of the wetlands, 200 feet from rivers and most brooks and streams, and to the entire floodplain. Under the Town Bylaw, certain activities within the Nasketucket River Basin are also subject to Conservation Commission Review.

It is illegal for anyone in Fairhaven to dredge, fill, modify or alter any of these resource areas without first filing for and receiving a permit to do so.

Anyone whose property is within 100 feet of a wetland or within 200 feet of a brook, stream or river who wishes to build, grade, clear, apply herbicides or to do any work which could alter the resource area must contact the Conservation Commission before doing so.

Some activities in resource areas which fall under the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission could include:

circlebullet.jpgErecting or demoloishing a residence or commercial structure
circlebullet.jpgErecting a shed, addition, porch, deck , other ancillary structure
circlebullet.jpgExcavating for or erecting a swimming pool
circlebullet.jpgInstalling a paved or unpaved driveway or access road
circlebullet.jpgConducting percolation tests and building of septic systems
circlebullet.jpgGrading or filling within a residential or commercial lot
circlebullet.jpgCutting or clearing vegetation
circlebullet.jpgApplying herbicides