Board of Health Enforcement

The Board of Health is required by law to enforce the following State and Local Regulations and By-laws. 

State and Local Mandated Inspections

105 CMR 460.000Lead Poison and Control (Lead Paint Code)

Upon Complaint

105 CMR 590.000Minimum Sanitation Standards for Food Establishments1-4x/year + Illness and Complaint, 160 in Arlington 
105 CMR 123.000Tanning Facilities2x/year + Upon Complaint 
105 CMR 445.000Bathing Beach (Reservoir Beach in Arlington)Weekly During Season + Water Sample + Upon Complaint 
105 CMR 430.000

Recreational Camps for children

2x/year + Upon Complaint 
310 CMR 7.00

Air Pollution Control Regulations

Upon Complaint 
310 CMR 15.00Minimum Requirements for Subsurface Disposal of Sanitary Sewage (Title V)Upon Complaint 
Mass General Law Chapter 111 Section 122Public Health Nuisance LawUpon Complaint