Fairhaven Full-Time Fire & Rescue Personnel

There are four groups of career firefighters. Each group consists of one lieutenant and four firefighters. Each group works two 24-hour days. In, addition the department has two day-firefighters who work a four (4) – 12 hour day. All career firefighters are trained to a minimum of Firefighter I/II level. In addition, all new hires must be certified the EMT-Paramedic level upon hire. All firefighters must attend the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy Recruit Class. Career firefighters are responsible for fire suppression, rescue operations, EMS, fire alarm, fire prevention, fire education, code enforcement, operations of all apparatus, station maintenance, apparatus and equipment maintenance, training and all other related duties.

Our call firefighters are also trained to Firefighter I/II levels. Their responsibilities include fire suppression and rescue operations. Call firefighters do not work on shifts. They are called when needed via a pager system. Many of our career firefighters started out as call firefighters.


Timothy Francis

Fire Chief

Todd Correia

Deputy Chief

Kristine Austin

Executive Assistant

Lt. Robert Lincoln

Training/EMS Division

Timothy FrancisTodd CorreiaKristine AustinRobert Lincoln

Shift 1:

  • Lt. Paul Correia – Paramedic*
  • FF Wayne Oliveira – Paramedic*
  • FF Joshua Benoit – Paramedic*
  • FF Maggie Debrosse – Paramedic*
  • Open Slot

Shift 2:

  • Lt. Douglas Silveira*
  • FF Edward Freitas – EMT
  • FF Chauncey Burr – Paramedic*
  • FF Brian Riggs – RN/Paramedic
  • FF Tyler Correia – Paramedic*

Shift 3:

  • Lt. Joy Nichols – Paramedic*
  • FF Nancy Charest
  • FF Antone Medeiros – Paramedic*
  • FF Shawn Grajales – Paramedic*
  • FF Nathan Rebello – Paramedic*

Shift 4:

  • Lt. Brian Messier – Paramedic*
  • FF Stephen Almeida
  • FF Shawn Samanica - Paramedic*
  • FF Timothy DesRoches - Paramedic*
  • Open Slot

Day Shift:

  • FF Mark Mattessich – Paramedic
  • FF Troy DeCouto – Paramedic
  • FF Sean Harrington – Paramedic

Call Firefighters:

  • Lt. Brian Daniels
  • Lt. G. Bourne Knowles – Paramedic
  • Lt. Kevin Polson – EMT
  • FF Thomas Thatcher – EMT
  • FF Steven Wright – EMT
  • FF Nicholas Oliveira – EMT
  • FF James Souza – EMT
  • FF Adam Katz
  • FF Nicholas Gautreau – EMT
  • FF Garth Rowe – EMT
  • FF David Wilson
  • FF Ian Thatcher – EMT
  • FF Erik Horsley – EMT
  • FF Todd Cox, Assistant Harbormaster
  • FF Shain Ramos – Paramedic
  • FF Kevin Almeida – EMT
  • FF David Dompierre
  • FF James Joseph

* Current Member of the Fairhaven Fire Marine Unit

Firefighter Fatality Statistics – 2016

(reference: USFA)

2016 Findings Eighty-nine firefighters died while on duty in 2016, one less than the 2015 total of 90, and five fewer than the 94 firefighter fatalities in 2014. The 2016 total includes 22 firefighters who died under circumstances that were part of inclusion criteria changes resulting from the Hometown Heroes Survivors Benefit Act. When not including these fatalities for the purposes of a trend analysis, there were 67 non-Hometown Hero firefighter fatalities in 2016, the second lowest annual total since the USFA began this study. An analysis of multiyear firefighter fatality trends needs to acknowledge the changes from the December 2003 Hometown Heroes Survivors Benefit Act. Some graphs and charts in this report may not indicate the Hometown Heroes portion of the total. However, this does not diminish the sacrifices made by any firefighter who dies while on duty, or the sacrifices made by his or her family and peers. In the same light, when conducting multiyear comparisons of firefighter fatalities in this report, the losses resulting from the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, are sometimes also set apart for illustrative purposes. This action is by no means a minimization of the supreme sacrifice made by these firefighters.

Firefighter Stats Figure 1

Firefighter Stats Figure 2

Firefighter Stats Figure 3