Unofficial Election Results 2021


The unofficial results for the annual Town of Fairhaven Election, April 5, 2021, have been released. 

Standing Selectman, Robert Espindola, unofficially won the Selectman race with a total of 1766 votes. Lisa Plante, who contended Espindola, totaled 491 votes, unofficially. Espindola will hold his position for the next three years.

Voters unofficially reelected the two current School Committee members, Donna McKenna and Colin Veitch for another three years. McKenna and Veitch totaled 1284 and 1282 votes, respectively. Cathleen Marchessault contested the two members and tallied a total of 937 votes.

Kevin Gallagher took the three-year Board of Health seat with a total of 1602 votes over Barbara Acksen who received a total of 558 votes. 

Marcus Ferro and Robert Hobson were re-elected to the The Board of Public Works with a total of 1249 votes and 1171 votes, respectively. 

The Planning Board gained new member, David Braga, for a four-year term with 1073 votes. Cathy Melanson was re-elected to the Planning Board for four years as well with 1260 votes. The Planning Board also gained a three-year unexpired term member, Jessica Fidalgo, who totaled 1378 votes, unofficially. 

Ronnie Manzone was elected to the Housing Authority for a five-year term with a total of 1500 votes. Marc Scanlon was also unofficially voted into the Housing Authority for a one-year unexpired term with a total of 1406 votes. 

Mark Sylvia was reelected for Town Moderator for a three-year term with total of 1596 votes.

In a close race, Don Collasius was unofficially elected for a three-year term as Tree Warden over G. Bourne Knowles IV, who was running for relection. Collasius totaled 1066 votes, while Knowles totaled 1030, unofficially. 

Official election results will be confirmed in the next 24-48 hours.