Planning & Economic Development

Mission Statement

A major function of the Department is to manage the regulatory process for development proposals submitted to the Planning Board under the Fairhaven Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision Control Law. As part of that process, the Department evaluates development proposals for their compliance with the Fairhaven Zoning Bylaw, contribution towards planning goals as documented in the Fairhaven Master Plan, and to assess their impacts on the environment, transportation system, and Town Character. The Department meets with neighbors and developers, coordinates the Town Departmental review and administration of the proposals, schedules public hearings, drafts decisions, and manages performance guarantees for the completion of approved projects.

The Department also researches and prepares grant applications on be half of the Town and manages the Town's Community Development Block Grant program.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Paul Foley Director 508-979-4023 ext 122
Marie Ripley Planning Administrative Assistant Ext. 123