Town Administrator Screening Committee

Committee Charge 

The Town Administrator Screening Committee is responsible for presenting the names  of 3-5 individuals, who shall be considered finalists, to the Town Board of Selectmen for  consideration as appointment as the Town Administrator of Fairhaven. The Screening  Committee members shall use their best judgment and understanding of the criteria for  selection of the Town Administrator that is outlined in the Position Statement that has  been prepared by the Town’s recruitment consultant with the input and information of the  Board of Selectmen and other town officials; and that will be utilized in conducting  outreach to solicit candidates for the position. The Screening Committee shall work  collaboratively with the Town’s recruitment consultant in executing their responsibilities.  

The Screening Committee’s work shall include: 

1. Meet to choose a committee Chairperson and Clerk 

2. Meet with the Town’s Recruitment Consultant to discuss questions regarding the  Selectmen approved Position Statement, review process of interviews, discuss  questions as prepared by recruitment consultant and possible additional questions,  and set interview dates. 

3. Receive and review resumes as presented by the recruitment consultant.

4. Conduct interviews of selected candidates utilizing established questions.

5. Compare the experience, qualifications and interview performance of candidates  to identify up to 5 finalists for reference and background check by the recruitment  consultant. 

6. Meet with the recruitment consultant to review the outcome of the reference and  background checks and take a vote to present an unranked list of the chosen  candidates to the Board of Selectmen. 

7. Committee Chairperson and recruitment consultant meet with the Board of  Selectmen to present names and resumes of the Finalists. 

It is anticipated that the work of the Screening Committee will be completed within five weeks. The Committee shall function as a governmental body of the Town as defined in  the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law, and utilize the provisions of said law pertaining  to Executive Session in order to act in the best interests of the Town. To the extent  permitted by law, the Screening Committee shall maintain the names and any information  about the candidates in strict confidence until it votes its recommendations are presented  to the Board of Selectmen. Names and information pertaining to candidates not chosen as  Finalists shall be retained as confidential.


Bernard Roderick

Finance Committee Representative

School Committee Representative

Planning Board Representative

Board of Selectmen Representative

Eric Dawicki

Citizen-at- Large

Brian K. Bowcock


Cathy Melanson

Community Representative (appointed by Board of Selectmen)