The Town Treasurer is responsible for managing the Town's financial policies. The Treasurer serves as Custodian of Funds for all Town monies. Cash management, investment management, and debt management, are among the Treasurer’s responsibilities.

The Treasurer performs his fiduciary responsibility by developing investment and borrowing strategies based on financial best practices, consultation with financial advisors and investment institutions, participation in government finance officer's seminars and conferences, ongoing review of financial and investment journals and periodicals, and working on the continuing certification process for both Treasurer and Collector of Taxes through the Massachusetts Collectors & Treasurers Association.

The department is also responsible for the maintenance of all properties taken for nonpayment of taxes and for all public auction or disposition of all foreclosed properties.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Wendy Graves, CMMT, CMMC Finance Director/ Treasurer/ Collector
Lisa Rose Financial Assistant Ext. 119
Suzanne Blais Payroll Administrator Ext. 118