What if my water appears dirty and cloudy?

FaucetFrom one faucet only - If the problem is only at one tap, it is related to the building's plumbing, not the town water supply.

From the hot water faucet only - The water heater could be the source of the problem, refer to the owner's manual or call a plumber. Do not use hot water from the faucet for cooling or drinking. Hot water systems (heaters, boilers) contain metallic parts that corrode over time and the metals become dissolved in the hot water.

From the hot and cold water taps, or from more than one tap in the house or building - If you have water that appears dirty from both the cold and hot water taps, it is most likely due to corrosion of the internal plumbing or the source could be the town water supply. Run the cold water for a few minutes. Always run the cold water when you are trying to clear the lines. This reduces the chance of drawing dirty or rusty water into the hot water tank. If the water does not clear after this, please call the Fairhaven Water Department.