What if my water has black particles?

Black particles in the water at one faucet - The particles are likely from a disintegrating washer or corrosion of the plumbing. Run the water for a few minutes to clear the particles. If there is a screen in the faucet, remove and clean it, or clean the aerator. If the problem persists, call a plumber.

Black particles in the toilet bowl water - The black particles are likely the result of the disintegration of the float in the toilet tank. The float is especially likely to break down over time if you use an automatic toilet bowl cleaner in the tank. Replace the float or call a plumber about replacing the float.

Black particles in the water from only the hot water faucet - The particles are coming from the hot water system, such as the water heater, not the city water supply. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance of the water heater or call a plumber.

Black particles in the cold water from all of the faucets - The black particles likely originate in the water main. Particles in the main could be loosened if there has been a fire in the area and a hydrant was opened, if there is construction in the area, or if a hydrant was improperly opened and/or closed. Call the Fairhaven Water Department during regular business hours or if after business hours or on weekends, call our answering service. Weather permitting; the Fairhaven Water Department will flush the main by opening a fire hydrant and letting the water run until it is clear. When the crew has finished, let the cold water at faucets throughout the building run for a few minutes to clear the lines. Remove and clean faucet screens and aerators.