Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee Charge

The Wellness Committee is a Selectmen-appointed advisory committee consisting of Town employees. The preferred constitution of the committee is to include at least one representative from the Town Hall offices (including COA, Recreation, and Tourism), two representatives of the School department, one representative of the Board of Public Works, one member of the Police Department, and one member of the Fire Department. More than one representative of each of the aforementioned departments may be appointed, but the committee shall not exceed nine (9) in membership. Associate appointments may be made in excess of nine, and these associate members may fill in to make a quorum as necessary. Hourly, FLSA non-exempt employees who volunteer for, and are appointed to, this committee, shall be eligible to accrue comp time for attending Wellness Committee meetings.

The Wellness Committee shall be charged with the following tasks:

  • Promote activities and efforts for Town employees that:
    • Give the opportunity to be more physically active
    • Promote stress management
    • Promote healthy eating habits
    • Promote routine screenings, including annual physicals, dental cleanings, and more
  • Promote and advocate for a better quality of life, improved overall health and improved morale for Town employees
  • Promote a program that will make a significant and measurable improvement in the health and well-being of Town employees and their families through health education, healthy activities and challenges, while lowering health insurance premiums for employees and the Town

Staff Contacts

Committee Members

Name Title
Pattie Pacella Chairperson
Robert J. Espindola Member
Warren Rensehausen Member
Anne O'Brien, PHR, SHRM-CP Member
Mary Freire-Kellogg Member
Paula Medeiros Member
Tara M. Kohler Member
Shallyn Carreiro Member