About FFD

About the Fairhaven Fire Department

The Fairhaven Fire Department is a Civil Service department, consisting of 25 career firefighters supplemented by approximately 20 call firefighters. We provide the town of Fairhaven (population approximately 17,000) with fire suppression, rescue and emergency medical services, as well as fire prevention, law/code enforcement and fire education.

Career Firefighters:

There are four groups of career firefighters. Each group consists of one lieutenant and four firefighters. Each group works two 24 hour days. In addition, the department has two day firefighters who work a four (4) - 12 hour day. They are scheduled to work during the peak hours of the day. All career firefighters are trained to a minimum of Firefighter I/II level. All must attend the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy Recruit Class. Career firefighters are responsible for fire suppression, rescue operations, EMS, fire alarm, fire prevention, fire education, code enforcement, operations of all apparatus, station maintenance, apparatus and equipment maintenance, training and all other related duties.

All career firefighters are hired off the Massachusetts Civil Service List. To learn more about Massachusetts Civil Service please click here.

Call Firefighters:

Our call firefighters are also trained to Firefighter I/II. Their responsibilities include fire suppression, rescue operations, and emergency medical services. Call firefighters do not work on shifts. They are called when needed via a pager system. Many of our career firefighters start out as call firefighters. For more information or to obtain an application to be a call firefighter please contact Kristine Austin.