Engine 1 - (1995)
Engine 1 - (1995) Protection pumper. 1250 gallon per minute (GPM) pump, with a 750 gallon water tank. It is the second engine out and is manned with 1 firefighter. It also carries a 30 gallon foam cell and around the pump foam proportioned for Flammable liquid fires.

Engine 2 - (1983)
Engine 2 - (1983) Ford Ranger pumper. 1000 GPM pump, 500 gallon tank. It is the primary backup pumper should either first line unit fail or need servicing. It is also the pumper sent out on brush fires.

Engine 3 - (2003)
Engine 3 - (2003) E-ONE Protector pumper. A Class 5 engine, certified to the Paramedic level, it is one of the primary first responders to any fire, accident or medical emergency. 1250 GPM pump, 750 gallon tank. Also carries Jaws of life cutter and spreaders. State Certified ALS vehicle. This is the department's first responder apparatus for all calls. One officer and one firefighter staff this engine, as well as a second firefighter when manpower permits.

Engine 4 - (2008)
Engine 4 - (2008) Pierce Contender. 1500 GPM pump. 750 gallon water tank. Advanced life support equipped.

2017 E-One Aerial parked in front of station.
 Ladder 1 (2017) Is an E-One  Aerial Ladder. The Aerial is 110 feet long, and the truck carries 175 feet of different sized ground ladders. The truck has a pre-piped waterway capable of flowing 1,500 gallons of water a minute.  In addition, this unit contains a full cascade system which allows us to fill the firefighters self contained breathing apparatus on the fire ground.   The unit also carries all of our technical rescue equipment including ICE rescue.  This vehicle responds to all first alarm assignments, including chimney fires, special details and technical rescue calls.

Medic 1 - (2017)
Medic 1 - (2017) This is a 2017 Ford F550 - Horton Type 1 Ambulance. The unit is full equipped to the paramedic level and features our advanced Stryker Stretcher® Loading System. The unit is equipped with a liquid spring suspension system, I4G Camera System, an enhanced GPS system, and a patented HOPS Airbag system for patient and provider safety.

Medic 2 - (2012)
Medic 2 - (2012) Horton/International Model. 623 Medium Duty Ambulance Certified as an Advice Life Support Ambulance.

Medic 3 - (2007)
Medic 3 - (2007) Horton/E-one GMC 2500 Medium duty Ambulance. One of 3 Class 1 ambulances.

Rescue 1 - (1995)
Rescue 1 - (1995) E-One Heavy rescue truck. For all intents and purposes, a rolling tool-box designed to supplement existing trucks and crews with additional, heavy-duty equipment not normally carried on the mainstream vehicles. This truck is equipped with non-standard rescue equipment required by accident and fire scenes with higher degrees of danger to both the rescue personnel and the victims involved. It carries a complete set of hydraulic rescue tools, water rescue tools, Technical rescue gear including supplied air breathing apparatus and rope rescue gear. It has a 20 kW generator, 4500 watts of light towers, a 4 bottle 4500 psi cascade system, and 21 spare SCBA bottles.

The Brush Buggy - (1995)
The Brush Buggy - (1995) F-350 that is the primary brush fire truck. It carries 200 gallons of water and a 250 GPM fire pump. It also carries over 800 feet of forestry hose and special tools for fighting brush fires. Used in off road situations, brush fires and emergencies where mainstream vehicles are more likely to get bogged down.

Fire Prevention 1 - (2009)
Fire Prevention 1 - (2009) Ford F250 used primarily to trailer the Fire Department rescue boat. The vehicle was provided to the town by the Bouchard company as part of the settlement from the Bouchard oil barge spill. Bouchard provided such vehicles to many of the coastal towns affected by the spill.

"Defender" patrol boat
This surplus US Coast Guard SafeBoat 25 foot "Defender" patrol boat was transferred to the Fairhaven Fire Department through a grant issued by the Department of Homeland Security. It is equipped with 2 225 HP Honda V-Tech Marine Outboard which are capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 knots.

Vintage Photos

(Photos from the collection of former Fairhaven Fire Captain John Frates)Vintage Engine 1 - 1954

Vintage Engine 2 - 1937

Vintage Engine 2 - 1941

Vintage Engine 3 - 1950

Vintage Engine 4 - 1932

Vintage Engine 4 - 1974

Vintage Engine 5 - 1974

Vintage Pumper - 1920