Community Electricity Aggregation

Fairhaven Community Electricity Aggregation is an electricity supply program offered by the Town of Fairhaven to provide residents and businesses with new, Town-vetted options for electrity supply. Eversource continues to deliver your electricity, repair power outages, and maintain the electricity grid; they also send you one bill for the electricity you use.

On the Fairhaven Community Electricity Aggregation website (, residents, business owners, and other electricity customers can:

  • Learn how the program works;
  • See different electricity products;
  • Easily enroll in aby of hte program options or leave (opt out) the program;
  • Read the aggregation plan; and
  • See the benefits of supporting renewable energy generation.

Notices about the program:

  • Please keep in mind that future savings cannot be guaranteed because Eversource Basic Service rates change every six months for residential and commercial customers and every three months for industrial customers.
  • Newly eligible customers will receive a Customer Notification Letter detailing the program and ways to leave the program (opt out); those who choose not to opt out will be automatically enrolled.
  • Customers who have chosen a third-party supplier will not receive a Customer Notification Letter and will not be automatically enrolled. They can voluntarily join the program, but they may be subject to penalties or early termination fees from the third-party supplier if they switch to the electricity program during the term of their contract with their chosen supplier. 

Opt Out Notice, March 15, 2023

Other information about the program:

No action is needed to remain in the program on the new default option (Local Green 10%). If you prefer a higher or lower percentage of clean energy, visit the program website or call Constellation NewEnergy at 833-461-0813. More information about the program can be found on the website as well:

Sample form to change your electricity option to a lower amount of renewable energy, the amount equivalent to Eversource Basic Service, while still receiving the benefits of participating in the electricity aggregation program and keeping your electricity rate fixed. 

Sample form to change electricity option

If you have questions about the program, you can contact Town Hall at 508-979-4023 or you can contact Good Energy directly and leave a message with your name and phone number at 844-627-7232. A representative will call you within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

More infomation on the Fairhaven Electricity Program. More information from Good Energy, the energy consultant, regarding the status of the program. Good Energy provided information on renewing the program in a March 2, 2020 presentation and an April 9, 2020 presentation. There are also different levels of renewable energy options that are able to be included in the next contract. More information about local renewable energy options.

Fairhaven Community Electricity Aggregation Label October 2022