Solar Energy Projects

The Town of Fairhaven is partnering with Solect Energy to install solar panels on both LeRoy L. Wood Elementary and East Fairhaven Elementary schools. These solar arrays could produce up to 80-90% of the electricity the schools use annually and have the potential to save between $800,000 and $900,000 over the term of a 20-year lease agreement. You can find more information in the presentation provided by Solect Energy. These solar arrays are live as of summer 2021. 

Wood School Solar Monitoring Dashboard

East Fairhaven School Solar Monitoring Dashboard

With Solect Energy, the Town is also looking at the possibility of installing solar panels on the Hastings Middle School roof as well as installing canopy solar over the parking lot at the Council on Aging/Rec Center. 

In the News

"Fairhaven elementary schools could have solar by next year" - The Standard Times, September 13, 2019


Solect Energy Proposal Summary for Wood Elementary School

Solect Energy Proposal for Wood School

Solect Energy Proposal Summary for East Fairhaven Elementary School

Solect Energy Proposal for East Fairhaven School