Hazard Mitigation Plan

To become better prepared and more resilient to potential emergencies and disasters, the Town of Fairhaven developed its first-ever natural hazard mitigation plan in 2018.

Fairhaven is vulnerable to a wide range of hazards, which threaten the life and safety of residents and visitors and have the potential to damage or destroy both public and private property and disrupt the local economy and overall quality of life. By minimizing the damaging impacts of natural hazards upon our built environment, we can prevent such events from resulting in disasters. 

The Town of Fairhaven's Hazard Mitigation Plan is an effective means to incorporate hazard mitigation principles and practices into routine government activities and functions. The plan recommends specific actions that are designed to protect people and community assets from losses to those hazards that pose the greatest risk. These mitigation actions go beyond simply recommending structural solutions to reduce existing vulnerability, such as retrofitting buildings or strengthening infrastructure. Local polices on community growth and development, incentives for natural resource protection, and public awareness and outreach activities are examples of other actions considered to reduce the town's future vulnerability to identified hazards.

Town of Fairhaven Hazard Mitigation Plan

Appendix A: Risk Assessment

Appendix B: Capability Assessment

Appendix C: Additional Documentation