Repair of Water Service Lines

Water mains deliver water throughout the Towns, usually installed in the Town's streets. A water service connects from the main to houses and other buildings.

The part that is on your property is your responsibility - typically from a curb stop/shut off valve near your front property line back to you building. You will need to contact a plumber or a licensed drainlayer. (Link to list of drainlayers forthcoming.)

The Water Department will fix leaks in the water service from your property line to the main in the street (and, of course, leaking water mains).

Please notify the Water Department office as soon as you suspect their may be a leak in any of these areas. The longer these leaks continue, the more damage they can do to your property, the street, sidewalks and so on.

Water main and service  breaks in the street can be caused by ground movement (e.g., due to frost penetration), changes in water pressure, corrosive soil conditions, electrical corrosion, being struck during excavation by other underground utility work, pressure from heavy traffic or construction and normal age deterioration. 

Almost half of breaks occur in December, January, and February. Increased soil pressures, caused by freezing, thawing and shifting will affect weak spots of a water main, causing breaks.